How does Romney appease the 15%?

It is my contention, via my own campaign knowledge, via my outreach, via my understanding of circumstance from the past and how it all plays together…

That Mitt Romney will lose 15% of the Republican voters if he is the nominee.

I will even place a bet at 100 to 1 odds that he suffers a huge and measurable drop in Republican votes if he is the nominee in a legally allowed region.

So how does Romney overcome this significant imbalance?

More so Romney is polling worse than Obama with independants when matched up.

How does he overcome these two main hurdles to win a General election?

Provide an answer that wins me to Romney and I will dump a max (if my cash balance allows it) donation to the politician of your choice.

Issues I also see:
Do not get me wrong… I would marry a Mormon woman in a heart beat… this is an observation.

There are some of other Christian faiths who see Mormons as very heretical. Additionally some Masons have issues as well. I know some who have said they WILL NOT vote for a Mormon. Yes prejudice, but we need to include it in our formula.

His choice in Judges
Nominating nonstop on Liberal Judges is my sticking point. I feel he would have no qualms nominating Eric Holder as a Supreme Court Justice. His history here is very dark.

His Governor record
This is what will hurt him worst. Not his words, not his faith… his record.

His endorsers
The man has been endorsed by Soros, as well as had been chums with Kerry and Kennedy, who were thrilled at his Executive decisions. Yes thrilled!

He cannot win the strong Conservatives to his side. So how do you propose to fix this?