How Ann Coulter lost her mojo

Ann Coulter was an interesting individual.

For a long while she stood up for Conservative ideals, especially when those ideals would shock and scare liberals.

She was the fiesty woman we all cheered for fighting for us, while we also said ‘darn that lady is nuts’.

Ann Coulter, if ever rated by liberals, would be declared a -10 for their belief structure and ideals in past years.

There are few in this world liberals hate more than Ann Coulter.

And now Ann Coulter defies logic and supports a liberal. Those who support Mitt Romney may deny this til they are blue in the face, but the Not-Romney’s all feel this way.

Ann Coulter has reduced her potential following to people who believe they are Conservative when in fact they are not.

In short she has completely ruined the only brand she had… herself.

Ann Coulter has done to herself what a decade of Liberal attacks could not. She ruined herself.

Ann Coulter I just have this statement for you. “How will you live without being able to get people to listen to you anymore? Good luck in your retirement from reality.”

It becomes more apparent that the longer you do media, the more liberal you get.