We need to Primary Boehner

Now normally I am not for to much forcible primarying talk…

But Boehner has time and time again refused to take on Obama on issues that we needed him to take Obama on with.

Boehner could have actually tried to stop Obamacare. He could have dropped financing to many junk programs. He could have stopped Obama cold.

He could have been our modern day Speaker, an image for our future, a man to carry Reagan’s legacy.

Instead he rolled over and told our Representatives to play dead… time and time again.

Think about it. Obamacare could have been dead before the Primary Elections. Then the only thing we need to have run on would have been jobs.

Boehner can be removed in 2014 if we find a worthy replacement willing to move there now!

Think of it as insurance. If Obama wins re-election we for sure do not want Boehner at the helm for four more years saying we must pass this signiture Obama desire for this temporary desire of our own.


Kick this bum out and make it clear for future Speakers on our side. We are not here to make Democrat dreams come true!