The Permament Activist

Long ago I wrote about being a permanent activist.

This is a mentality, a lifestyle, a choice, and it is extremely effective.

So what is a permanent activist?

A permanent activist is someone who at any opportunity attacks socialism, promotes Conservatism, debunks Green science lies, shows knowledge of issues, and does not let up EVER!

For a generation Democrats controlled the topics, they framed us in terms most unappealing, gathered their momentum. We were called ignorant, uneducated, unsophisticated, and more… always more.

Thomas Jefferson said the price of freedom was eternal vigilance.

My fellow Conservatives, vigilance is not just watching, but acting too. We have failed to be vigilant

We have tried… The Minute Man project, the Contract with America, the 9-12 project, and more. But evidence shows this is not enough… Illegals still enter this nation in a flood, 51% of the nation does not pay taxes, there is still no balanced budget amendment, and so forth.

Yes a lot of seats changed hands in 2010… but should we be satisfied with a temporary upswing? NO!

The price of freedom is eternal vigilance!

We are cheering a tourniquet over an arm that may still be amputated!

We need to be permanent activists against the evils of socialism, big government, green activist lies, crony capitalism, judicial activism, and more.

How do you become a permanent activist?

First you run for office. Precinct Committee Person spots exist throughout the Nation, the States, the counties, the cities, in your neighborhoods. It is an unpaid volunteer position. Or do as I am doing and challenge a district no one else wants to try.

Next – Learn the issues, learn to talk about the issues, and always be prepared regardless of the topic.

Third you need to actively challenge falsehoods, you need to engage people, regardless if they are misinformed, or agents of the enemy… The source of the poison matters not, you still need to bring the cure!

Fourth: Reinforce your allies. If you find a Conservative engage him in political talk. If a Libertarian try to point at wise regulations… he is close, now just get him to convert! Build their skill up subtly, help them with their ability to challenge the enemy.

The fifth rule is to fund a way to Initiate a Conversation. This can be offering a joke that mocks policy or politicians, or an off hand comment about some controversy.

Remember this always… Silence loses. Be loud, be proud!

They will try to fight you. In some recent days people have gone off the headlines and said Gingrich routinely blasted Reagan while he was President. A man recently tried to use that falsehood in a group setting. While I just told the truth, that regardless of Newt’s current issues back then Newt was entirely with Reagan. I also used proof to back up my claim. This is a win. He may try to ‘salvage’ his situation, he will fail. His effort allows a moderate a chance to hear my words.

Recently I was at a Denny’s… I sat at the bar counter next to another truck driver. He had been in a conversation with a server on Global Warming. The driver was using his Conservatism, but his mojo was weak. I entered the conversation and added to his future skill and converted three servers before I was done with my meal.


Your efforts must always be on, you must try to use everything you can, you must always communicate!

Then, and only then, are you a Permanent Activist!