I am worried #CRE

I am worried for gun rights. That is the hard truth.

The rise of multilayered efforts to achieve socialism is leading them to new ways to achieve their goals of handicapping as much as can be possible our gun rights.

First there was the national efforts, including the Assault Weapons Ban. This effort has largely fallen down and fortunately looks like it won’t get up for a while.

Next there is the various State level efforts. This includes permament bans (kicked down by the Supreme Court), gun travel restrictions, a ban on concealed weapons (Illinois), potential limits on how many firearms you may own, as well as efforts to limit what type of firearms you may own.

Most of this has failed as well fortunately.

Cities and counties tried to ban weapons in and near schools, tried bans for crime zones and these are failing.

The thing I see that others have not is not an effort to take not our weapons away, but in two-fold, reduce our buying power for guns and to reduce where we might buy guns.

The first method will involve taxes, regulatroy fees and fines, safety mandates, and insurance requirements. The ideal to them is to price guns (and ammunition) out of reach of as many as possible.

The second method is far more problematic for us. To which it appears that cities and counties will start zoning out gun retailers. The idea is to make it so there are few options where to buy guns and to make it as frustrating as possible, sorta like how frustrating it is to type on a droid 2 when you cnnot see thecursor….

If they can make it so difficult to buy a gun, so much of a cost and hassle…. they will then deprive future generations from owning guns.