Death and Life with Hillary Clinton

What do reports of the United Nations secretly sterilizing women in Kenya have to do with Hillary Clinton?

All twenty-seven Catholic bishops in Kenya have reported that United Nations agencies are conducting a “disguised population control program” that administers laced tetanus vaccines to young women in order to make them infertile.

Hillary Clinton hasn’t been implicated directly in such villainous deception – yet – but she is a key architect of the international system that made it possible.

Just this year, Mrs. Clinton celebrated International Women’s Day with the United Nations by claiming that aborting one’s child is absolutely necessary for progress in women’s rights. This is part of a series of such appearances at the U.N. since 1995. In 2010, Clinton made headlines by crushing a generous plan by the G8 leading countries to improve infant and maternal health – simply because the plan didn’t also promote abortion.

Mrs. Clinton also gives obsessive support to population control internationally. As Secretary of State, she told the International Conference on Population and Development that population control would be the centerpiece of U.S. foreign policy. Spending $63 billion on the Global Health Initiative during a U.S. budget crisis says volumes about Clinton’s craving for “family planning”.

Much of this money is being spent on population reduction in countries in Eastern Europe that are already declining in population. So what is the real goal: stabilization of resources or continued elimination of as many lives as possible?

One policy position builds on another.

Hillary Clinton’s passionate embrace of Planned Parenthood is legendary. This is the woman who proudly accepted the Margaret Sanger Award for her public delight in diverting taxpayers’ dollars (especially through Obamacare) to prop up an abortion industry whose record of torture, death, and family destruction has few parallels.

Mrs. Clinton has also pushed hard for getting fast-track FDA approval for RU-486 and also for approval of Plan B. Both drugs cause abortions. She promised that her failed “Hillarycare” national health plan, which she promoted as First Lady, would provide federal funding for abortions.

Then there’s Clinton’s progressive stance, which ushers in the specter of eugenics – the attempt to manipulate the future of the human race through control over reproduction. Eugenics and political progressivism have gone hand in hand through history.

The progressivists were often quite supportive or at least tolerant of early Nazi sterilization programs (surgically altering persons to prevent reproduction) in Germany that targeted various racial and disabled population groups for reduction or elimination.

In the 1930s, and all the way into the 1970s, 60,000 Americans were forcibly sterilized under progressivist laws. It continued to happen in the past few years – discovered in 2014 – to thirty-nine California prisoners.

Mrs. Clinton is vocal in her political philosophy as a direct copy of progressivism of the 1930s. Consider her statement when campaigning in 2007: “I prefer the word ‘progressive’, which has a real American meaning, going back to the progressive era at the beginning of the twentieth century.” That’s not a statement someone makes when they are naively unaware of history.

In today’s world, scientific manipulation of the human race occurs through ideological pressure on individual parents. Every year, a huge portion, perhaps as high as 90%, of living but pre-born children who are identified through genetic screening as having Down Syndrome are aborted by their parents out of an irrational fear – stoked by genetic counselors and physicians – that their lives will be ruined by such chronically happy children.

Hillary is quite enthusiastic about the death of disabled babies. In 2003, when campaigning for president of the United States, Hillary Clinton argued that the availability of partial-birth abortion – a particularly painful procedure that kills a baby partly out of the womb – was necessary for killing off disabled children: women should not be “forced” to carry a “child with severe abnormalities,” she said.

Like a good 1930s progressive, Clinton loves the science of genetic screening and genetic modifications – of both plants and humans – that biotechnologists are increasingly playing with. She has stated clearly her support for companies that produce GMO (genetically modified organism) crops – normally a perilous position for a liberal politician who isn’t wedded to a corporatist model of governance and secretly glib about genetic modification in general.

Mrs. Clinton is aware, however, of the consequences of alienating her liberal allies on the left, and she has shrewdly advised against the GMO term: “’Genetically modified’ sounds Frankensteinish. ‘Drought resistant’ sounds like something you’d want.”

Regarding embryonic stem cells, which are taken from human embryos that are destroyed in the process, Senator Hillary Clinton co-sponsored the Stem Cell Research Enhancement Act of 2005 that provided federal funds for research on stem cells derived from human embryos. Of course, these would be “discarded” embryos, giving Planned Parenthood and other abortion providers an opportunity for additional revenue from their killing industry. In 2014, Clinton has endorsed California’s efforts to get around the lack of federal funding for embryonic stem cell research.

Clinton never mentions that, to date, no major health advance has come from research on embryonic stem cells; all advances – and there are significant advances – have come from research on adult stem cells. So what’s the motive? Why does Hillary insist on blinding the public to facts by referring to embryonic stem cell research generically as “stem cell research”?

From population control, to federal and international funding and encouragement of abortion and contraceptives, and to a 21st century form of eugenics, Hillary Clinton isn’t just implicated in such activities. She is a powerful advocate for them.

There are many supporters and friends of Hillary Clinton who share these beliefs. Watch your back. The life of millions may depend on it.