Why Mike Lee?

Whether or not you believe the allegations by Erick, I think is irrelevant to the big picture. The important things are (1) how the senator will vote (2) will the senator speak up when needed (3) will the senator cave to the D.C. “celebrities” (4) can the senator make coherent arguments. Mike Lee is terrific on all four counts. Tim Bridgewater is not. Mike Lee is an expert on the constitution. This is so much of what the Tea Party is about, at least in my eyes. It is obvious that Bridgewater is more interested in the “practical solutions”, which always turn out to be rackets. Take two of the worst pieces of Bush – era legislation. On “No Child Left Behind”, which might be more accurately titled ‘No Child Gets Ahead’, Mr. Bridgewater was wrong. NCLB is not a “practical solution”. It has led to cheating, dumbing down, and leveling. The MMA bill in 2003, was a disaster. It is a unfunded liability of $14 trillion. It was insane, bottom line. Furthermore, Bridgewater has indicated support for “comprehensive immigration reform”, which is not amnesty, but is in fact, much worse. There are other lower profile issues where Lee is right, and Bridgewater is wrong. But let’s face it, why is Bennett endorsing Bridgewater? Because Bridgewater is closer to his views. We need Mike Lee.