The two winning issues

It is clear from Rasmussen, that we have 2 major winning issues this November- Immigration and the Health Care bill.


This shows, that since the passage of the legislation, no more than 42% of people have opposed repeal. In contrast, no less than 54% have supported repeal. Indeed, it seems that on average over the last two months, about 60% want the bill repealed. That is a major, major, winning issue.

The other big one is immigration, where so many Republicans over the years have been absolute disasters. Poll, after poll, after poll shows that in most states support for the AZ immigration law is 2:1 or greater. 75% of votes think that there is not enough being done to secure our borders. Recently, a Rasmussen poll showed that 58% oppose giving citizenship to children of illegal aliens, while only 33% support it. It is a winning issue, and a vital one, that many Republicans have ignored.