Thoughts to look at next year

A. Donald Trump surges in polls. The Donald realizes he might actually win. He thinks: $400K a year for THIS? Starts acting crazy. Drops in polls. Drops from race. Threatens third party. GOP candidates start visiting Trump for his blessing. Donald now matters and does not have to take pay cut to be Prez. Donald is happy.

B. Herman Cain surges in polls. Herman realizes he might actually win. He thinks: $400K a year and aging badly for THIS? I fought cancer. Yes, I think I have some good ideas, but I am not supposed to WIN this thing!

First Herman tries with his smoking commercial. Numbers go up again.

Herman has people leak info to press that he sexually harased two women. Numbers go up again.

Herman, in a huff, blames Perry, who he does not like.  Perry says “Huh?” Perry insists he never leaked anything.

Herman’s numbers STILL stay up. Another anonymous woman appears. Things start to FINALLY slide down in regards to poll numbers. Herman and family are relieved.

Herman drops from race, endorses Romney. Herman gets cabinet position in Romney presidency. Perry ends up victim of Cain scandal.

People finally notice Hannity and Romney have same hair.