When Republicans go moderate, Republicans lose

Since 1980, the Republican Party has had 8 different election results, plus 2 dramatic “off year” congressional votes, and it’s pretty easy to follow these results and see that every time we have a conservative platform, we win. Let’s look first at the presidential elections since 1980, with the republican candidate’s name, and whether he was very conservative, somewhat conservative or moderate, and the outcome, in electoral votes

1980 – Ronald Reagan – Very Conservative – won by a 489 to 49 margin

1984 – Ronald Reagan – Very Conservative – won by a 525 to 13 margin

1988 – George H.W. Bush – Somewhat Conservative – won by a 426 to 11 margin

1992 – George H.W. Bush – Moderate – lost by a 168 to 370 margin

1996 – Robert Dole – Moderate – lost by a 159 to 379 margin

2000 – George W. Bush – Somewhat Conservative – won by a 271 to 266 margin

2004 – George W. Bush – Somewhat Conservative – won by a 286 to 251 margin

2008 – John S. McCain – Moderate – lost by a 163 to 349 margin (26 undecided)

The 2 key congressional campaigns

1994, The Republican party, running under the banner of the Contract with America, sees an increase from 176 House seats to 230 seats. Democrats drop from 258 to 204 seats.

The Senate results were just as dramatic, where we went from 44 seats to 52 seats.

2006 – The Republican party, with no real direction nor leader, loses control of the Senate and House.

While it is easy to understand that a strong, conservative position wins everytime, not enough effort has been spent on the fact that in each case where we had a strong conservative position, there has been a strong leader at the front of that position.

Ronald Reagan started the movement. Is there anyone here who does not long for President Reagan’s complete ability to look at the camera, smile, and tell us why we could believe in ourselves again?

George H.W. Bush was Ronald Reagan lite in 1988, and lost his way, and the election, in 1992.

Newt Gingrich brought us the contract with America. We abandoned Newt, and 1998 was not such a great election, either, but we held on.

Who is going to step forward as our leader in 2010 and 2012?

Our standard bearer has to be willing to, with conviction, say to the American people, and the world, the following:

  1. A strong national defense is paramount to our country’s well being.
  2. It is time to completely scrap the tax code, and either adopt a flat tax or the fair tax. (blogger’s note, I prefer the fair tax, but would support either)
  3. All innocent life is worth defending.
  4. All parents should have a choice of schools, and to get back some of their taxes to pay for private school, if that is their choice.
  5. Medical reforms should be in the private sector, with an emphasis on competition.
  6. Current immigration laws need to be enforced.
  7. Financial institutions need to be freed of government mandates regarding to whom money is lent. It was government mandates that caused the 2008 crisis, and the private sector can fix the problem if government will get out of the way.
  8. Union workers should have the right to private ballot.
  9. America will explore every possible energy source, from drilling for our own oil to coal to nuclear to natural gas to alternative sources.
  10. We will re-write finance laws for all elections. There will be 2 simple rules: 1. No limit on what amount of money you can contribute to the candidate of your choice. 2. All contributors, including amount given, full name and state, will posted on the candidate’s website. This will mean full disclosure for everyone.

The candidate, or candidates, who are willing to embrace these simple tenets of a conservative Republican party deserve our support. This means the support of Red State, conservative talk radio, and the Republican party.