Beware Fiorina

Yes, everyone love Carly. Now that Scott Walker is out, everyone is looking for somewhere to go. It appears that everyone is looking for somewhere to land. Yes, many are reporting that Rubio is the top choice for staffers and money.  ( yes, that’s a shout out to Erick Erickson).

And due to her debate performances, Fiorina looks like a nice landing spot for voters.  I would caution however, that she was one of the many that attacked [mc_name name=’Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX)’ chamber=’senate’ mcid=’C001098′ ] for attempting to shut down the government when it came to Obamacare funding. That’s one of the most destructive domestic policy items in a generation and Carly Fiorina was on the side that funded it!

We hhave all heard the arguments that Cruz never gave everyone an alternative.  Well, to that I say, you have to stop it first.  As conservatives, aren’t we the ones that want to limit government? Getting rid of laws that get in people’s way should be the first priority. Why do we have to replace laws with bad laws?  Let’s concentrate on chainsawing the books, not replacing 1,000 pages in the federal Registry with 9,999 pages. Cruz gets that. The establishment does not.

Make no mistake,  if Carly is elected then she will fly inline with the establishment, and we will get more of the same.  Yes, she talks great ab. out abortion. But, every Republican should be saying this. But, how long until she’s in office when Mitch comes in and says that we can’t do that until she caves and goes along to go along?

Abortion is The fundamental issue of our time, but Ocare allows it. It’s wrapped in a HUGE statute. I have seen nothing from Carly that says that she will ahve the nerve to face off and actually do anything other than talk about it

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