Once again, NRO got it Bass Ackwards

Well, once again, the Establishment, in the guise of Charles Cooke at NRO, have gotten everything bass ackwards.  In a video, some hooligan at a Trump rally says that Obama is a Muslim ( As Jim Treacher tweets, What is wrong with that anyway? Isn’t Islam the Religion of Peace?)  Trump blows the guy off with a, Sure we will look into that type of response.

What does Cooke do?  After weeks of attacking Trump fans for no good reason other than they support a guy Cooke doesn’t like, Cooke finally has the opportunity to use evidence and attack the supporter.  But, Cooke doesn’t do that, he attacks Trump.  If there were an opportunity to attack a “Trump Fan” this is it. But, no, Cooke attacks Trump for not berating the question asker unmercilessly.

Its Bass Ackwards, and it boggles the mind.

Maybe, guys like this are starting to finally figure out that attacking the Pol for differing views is fair game, but attacking the Pol’s followers won’t win you very many friends.


Finally, I hear that Rubio’s National Policy Director punched a Paul staffer in the face.  When will Cooke (or any established opinion maker) get around to calling Rubio’s campaign or his followers a clown show?


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