Leviathans have won

For my first post, I had to think long and hard about what I wanted to write.  Would it be my inability to find work in this economy even though I have a law degree?  Would it be the rise of Donald Trump?  Or, would it be a focus on our culture and how it’s current state is killing our society?

Nope, my first post is about the most horrible thing that have heard about and how no one in government is doing anything about it.  I’m talking, of course, about the Planned Parenthood tapes and how my tax dollars are going to this monstrosity. Let me say, that after seeing the ultrasound of my son that no one can claim they are not witnessing a life. That is why the PP supporters fight to keep pregnant women from viewing them prior to the abortions.

Anyway, my title for this article is two fold. First, the Federal government is a Leviathan. A huge beast that must be destroyed. Second, in the TV show “Supernatural” one season (spoiler alert) deals with monsters known as Leviathans.  Their plan is to poison the food supply and make people basically hooked on TV, fat vombies that they can pick off and eat.  Remember, they are monsters.  It is frightening to think about , but the lack of outcry that these videos has brought reminds me of this. We are talking about videos where aborted babies are being harvested for organs, and no one gives a crap!  If the American People cannot be stirred to action over this and make politicians end the money flowing to PP then we are lost.

Like I said, this is the first post and hopefully I will get better



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