Repeal DADT on ONE condition.....

I say fine go ahead with your DADT repeal, with one provision added to the law repealing it, the language should read as follows: “Any current member of the United States Armed Forces who feels that the inclusions of homosexuals in the military goes against their religious and moral beliefs can ask for and be granted immediate honorable discharge”.

I also think they should add the same provision that “No openly gay member shall serve in forward combat operation units” they believe they were born the wrong sex then let them follow the same rules as the female members of our military have about combat operations.

If we can “discriminate” against female military personnel by restricting which MOS they can work in, then that same should apply to openly gay members of the armed forces.

When I served there were individuals that we suspected of being homosexual, no actions were taken because they lived their life and I lived mine and as long as it stays that way there will be no problems, but what do you think happens the first time a homosexual soldiers approaches a straight soldier mistakenly assuming their sexual status? Can you say a beat down outside an E-Club? Can you say court martial? How many unstable PFC Manning’s would the military have to deal with? Sailors on subs? Sailors on carriers? It is an ambulance chasing lawyer hell hole just asking to be gone down.

The military should not be used as a social experiment, their job is to close with and destroy the enemies of the United States.