Leave Us Alone Act of 2010

I am proposing a 99% income tax on all liberals (progressives what ever they are calling themselves this week), with no write offs. $0.99 of every dollar you “earn” for your trashy movies, books, fake news, bad political tv shows and just bad tv shows will be taken and given to the poor you always whine about taking care of. Let’s start with your money getting re-distributed and see how that works before they start in on mine. Oh and before you say that it’s unconstitutional, isn’t that what Obamacare does to Doctors???

10% flat tax NOW, it’s good enough for God, it’s good enough for the U.S. Government.

Pass the amendment to cap spending!

I think the first few on the list for the income distribution they so crave should be George Clooney, Matt Damon, Oprah and George Soros.

I wish we had a congressman with the you know whats to drop this bombshell bill on them, just for the hypocrisy show it would bring!!!