Holding them accountable

I believe if there was ever a time for “impeachment” or “recall” the 1am vote on Obamacare is it. I want to put together an area for folks to start the discussion of pulling these folks back, they answer to the people, so we should hold them accountable. If that means a state legislature censure or a recall vote (if it’s legal which I’m not sure it is) then I think we the people should hold them accountable in every manner possible.


1) Request your state representative move to censure the federal representative/senator for voting against the will of the people of the state.

2) Letters to every paper in your area, cover the editors desk in them.

3) Join the local party (Tea or otherwise) to make changes at local levels.

4) Do not let your fellow citizens forget this travesty.

5) Form a group in your area and file a federal lawsuit in your district to tie Obamacare up in court for the next two years.

Please list your ideas, we need to get these people under control NOW, and waiting until Nov. seems to be to late, as they will have destroyed this country by then.