ACORN Feels left-out

On Sunday, Sept. 28, ACORN National President Maude Hurd (aka Chief Nut) released the following statement after Congressional leaders announced a $700 bailout plan for Wall Street:

“Members of Congress worked tirelessly over the weekend to rid Wall Street of its toxic assets, which are responsible for the worst financial crisis since the 1930s. Unfortunately, families who fell victim to Wall’s Street’s toxic lending practices and now risk losing their homes were largely left out.

ACORN members are extremely disappointed that the bailout package does little to assist these homeowners, such as providing them relief through the bankruptcy courts. Although weak, there is language in the bailout package authorizing Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson to facilitate more loan modifications. ACORN members plan to hold Secretary Paulson accountable and ensure he uses this authority to make streamlined loan modifications a priority for struggling American families.”

Talk about an entitlement mentality — this organization beats all.

If ACORN disagrees with the final version, it can’t be all bad!