Partial Birth Abortion - Obama Voted for this as a Senator

I have always been opposed to Abortion as a form of Birth control for irresponsible sexual choices.  I was watching Hannity the other day and he briefly explained what a partial birth abortion was and I was HORRIFIED.  I decided to do a bit of research to educate myself on the subject and came up with the following:

Partial Birth Abortion Demonstration

I consider myself to be a pretty open minded individual, but I CANNOT see how any “doctor” could willingly perform such an atrocity, or how any woman could willingly undergo such a barbaric procedure.  If the child is well formed enough to be partially delivered, then they should be fully delivered and given up for adoption if they are unwanted.  I can see no reason why if the mother’s life is in danger, how the killing of the baby prior to “full” delivery helps her situation more than full delivery of a live child.

Apparently as a Senator, Barack Obama voted to legalize this type of abortion

(see here)

Please comment with your opinion on this.  I would like to know what others think