Obama vs. Fox: where are we headed?

I have been doing a lot of reading lately.  ALOT of reading.  I have found great value in old books, many of which are out of print.  I recently raided my fathers bookshelf, and came away with W. Cleon Skousen’s THE NAKED COMMUNIST.  Dad told me that in the 1960’s and 1970s that this was a required textbook for high school seniors and college freshmen.  My interest in the book stemmed from the realization that I knew little of the nuts and bolts of communism.  I graduated high school in 1997.  I was ten when the Berlin Wall fell.  For my generation, there was no perceived need to really scratch the surface on Communism, since the Cold War was over.

I am currently reading “Voices of Revolution, 1917” by Mark Steinberg.  While I have only gotten through a few chapters so far, I feel compelled to write about some obvious parallels between Russia (between February and October 1917) and the USA RIGHT NOW.

One example is the recent campaign against Fox News by Obama and his faithful minions Anita Dunn and David Axelrod.  Obama and his ilk are the leftist progressives in Russia in the fall months of 1917 calling for closure of “Borgeois” newspapers for “foul lies and slander” directed at them.

The book says that these leftist progressives “Evidently believed that true freedom necessitated silencing the voices who opposed the struggles and demands of workers, soldiers, & peasants” and thus threatened the “freedoms won through revolution”.

In my opinion, to Obama, Pelosi, Reid and the other progressives that currently control the United States government, the Obama victory in the 2008 election was the Revolution, and they truly believe that their big government will bring freedom to the workers (SEIU), soldiers (via apology, diplomacy, and nuclear disarmament), and peasants (illegal immigrants, minorities, the poor – and interest groups like ACORN who purport to work in the interest of them)

The liberal progressives in control view their worker/soldier/peasant base as those oppressed by the bourgeoise (conservatives and the upper and middle class).  The Bourgeoise is the oppressor, and Fox news represents their voice.

I have a feeling that this may just be part one of a series of commentary on the parallels of the current situation in the US and 1917 Russia.