Cap and Trade: A Robin Hood Bill disguised as "green"

Cap and Trade is a bad idea.  It is an especially bad idea NOW.   I know it, you know it, and the Liberals in Washington know it.   I have a sneaking suspicion they know exactly what it will do, and that it is part of the “Social Justice” initiative.

I couldn’t understand why anyone would want to implement a policy that would do so much financial harm to so many.  I began doing research on the “green” agenda, and other policy goals of the left, and came up with this:



Their whole “green” platform is just obfuscatory rhetoric.  Cap and trade is just the means to an end for the left.  In short, cap and trade is the legislative conduit through which the left will inact “social justice”, i.e. the redistribution of wealth.  (see p. 21 of the linked document)

If Cap and trade is signed into law, it will be permanent, and a HUGE score for the left.  The permanence comes from the TRADE part of Cap and Trade.

In the bill there are provisions laying out how the new commodity will be initially distributed, and sets guidelines for trading on an exchange.  As with all commodities, futures and derivatives trade based on speculated future value.

Once the new commodity is incorporated into the financial markets, there is a dollar value associated with it.  To repeal cap and trade once this happens would be like shutting down trading for wheat, gold or T-bills.   Too many people would lose too much money, and who knows what that would do to the rest of the U.S. economy, or the global economy.