Left Wing Birtherism

I never had any notion to putting my own thoughts and opinions down in a place like RedState until today but the rhetoric surrounding the Arizona Immigration Bill is continuing to spiral out of control and it’s making what was already a tense situation even worse.  It’s time we demand some responsibility from our political opponents.

A year or so ago some people on our side were trying to claim the 2008 presidential election results might be invalid because they believed Barack Obama was born in either Kenya or Indonesia and that his mother perpetrated an elaborate conspiracy to make it look as though her multi-racial child had been born in Hawai’i on the off chance said child ever wanted to seek the presidency.  The people who believed that were mocked and derided by the Left because their position was frankly stupid and serious conservatives (like the ones who operate RedState) denied them a soapbox because they were advancing a position that was demonstrably false and they were distracting from serious discussion.

Now today Ed Reyes of the Los Angeles City Council publicly proclaims if he wants to go to Arizona he needs a passport or he’ll risk being deported if he runs into the wrong bored police officer.  Speaking as someone who’s actually read Arizona’s new law I can say Councilman Reyes is flat out lying.  Whether this man is grossly misinformed or just deliberately being deceptive is immaterial.  Lies like this which serve only to stir up racial animus are flying out of the Left right now and it’s largely unchecked.

Statements like the one Councilman Reyes issued amount to nothing more than the Left’s own brand of birtherism.  Incendiary, blatantly false statements are being issued by people who are deliberately ignoring the facts.  Not only that, it needlessly throws gasoline on a fire that’s already burning, and it makes the immigration issue look more politically toxic at a time when action is necessary.

When false, counterproductive rhetoric came out of our side there was a decisive movement by serious conservatives everywhere to repudiate it and distance ourselves from it.  We were willing to tell some of our political allies they didn’t know what they were talking about and we didn’t want to hear from them until they figured a couple things out, and doing this was not without some risk to our own movement.  It’s time we all called on the Left to do the same.