The New “Gnosticism”

Unnoticed (or ignored) by the State-run media, there’s been a paradigm shift afoot in Washington, the emergence of a lex dementia with occult overtones. It is no longer required that lawmakers or law enforcement officials engage in rational inquiry. Instead, “knowledge” is now disclosed to this new priesthood thru translogical injunction.


First there was the High Priestess herself, Nancy Pelosi, informing the people that before they could know what was in the omnibus healthcare bill, it would first have to be enacted into law. Presumably, only she and her cabalists were privy to that special knowledge. And even they hadn’t actually read the bill in the empirical sense. (In fairness, who has time to read a two thousand page tome?) So to the extent they knew anything at all about the proposed legislation, that knowledge must have been imparted in some paranormal fashion.


This new gnostic stance was foreshadowed by President Obama when he summarily condemned the Cambridge police in the aftermath of the Professor Gates controversy. While admitting that he didn’t know the facts, nonetheless he “knew” that the police had acted “stupidly”. Similarly, some Higher Power must have informed the president that ObamaCare would actually save money despite the CBO’s findings that continue to say otherwise.


And now Eric Holder, the Attorney General and top law enforcement official in the land, is bringing suit against the State of Arizona because of the “obvious” brutality of the illegal immigration bill which the governor signed into law recently. But when asked before the House Judiciary Committee if he had actually read the Arizona law, he sputtered and sheepishly admitted that he hadn’t—although, he quickly added, he had “skimmed it”. Again, one must conclude that some psychic power must have been invoked to inform his brilliant legal mind. As Aristotle puts it, “There was never a genius without a tincture of madness”.


(In fairness to the Attorney General, he has been very busy of late dealing with various “man-caused disasters” like the botched bomb event in Times Square.)


When pressed about whether he thought radical Islam was behind some of these recent terrorist attempts, Mr. Holder refused to say. Instead he performed an awkward and tortured dance around the rather straightforward question. It appears he’d rather endure a root canal than have to utter the phrase “radical Islam”. Either he’s severely repressed and delusional or he has access to some esoteric “knowledge” that belies common sense.


It would seem that in the Age of Obama governance by irrationality and special “revelation” is the new norm.