Children In The White House

No, I’m not referring to Malia and Sasha. I’m thinking about the bigger kids running amuck playing “Government”, pretending to know what they’re doing while executing their “cool” plans out of the West Wing. White House Press Secretary Robert “Bobby” Gibbs showed up at a press briefing with two words, “Change” and “Hope”, scribbled in ink on the palms of his hands. This was meant to be, I suppose, a clever, brilliant spoof mocking Sarah Palin, Public Enemy Number 1 on the White House Enemies List (or is she Number 2, behind Fox?!—it’s so hard to keep track!), who had scrawled a few reminder words on her palms during a speech to the Tea Party Convention in Nashville recently. But this petty little stunt by Gibbs came off more as the schoolyard taunt of an eight year-old than a “nuanced” rebuke by an adult with Ivy League gravitas.


(Bobby Gibbs’ childish hijinks are not unprecedented. One is reminded of the Clinton White House staffers who, upon vacating the premises, removed all the “W” keys from White House keyboards. Oh well, kids will be kids.)


I don’t know what few words were written on Sarah Palin’s palms but, apparently, they were sufficient to allow her to speak for over an hour without a teleprompter. And, unlike our cerebral president, as far as I know, she never once mispronounced the word “corpse” (as in “Marine Corpse”).


Little Bobby Gibbs is by no means the only child in the Obama Administration. There’s Rahm “Potty Mouth” Emanuel who recently got hauled to the principal’s office for calling fellow liberals “retards”. Let’s not forget über genius and child prodigy, Little Timmy “The Skimper” Geithner—the only one smart enough to head the Treasury Department and avert the, then, impending economic meltdown—the wunderkind who’s still too young to shave but not too young to figure out how to cheat on his taxes. (Timmy’s fierce loyalty to Barry is noteworthy—kids stick together.) And there’s that troubled kid, Kevin “Perv” Jennings, School Safety Czar, with severe behavioral problems. One thug bully, Van “Red” Jones, actually managed to get himself expelled.


And then, of course, there’s the exemplar, Himself, our historic president, Barack “I’m The Prez” Obama, the first teenager to ever occupy the Oval Office. Young, impulsive Barack just couldn’t resist the temptation to diss the Supreme Court justices, sitting just feet away, during His State of the Union speech. (Unlike the nearly giddy Chuck Schumer, the justices were not amused.) Our impish president thought it would be good, “in your face” fun to punk the Republicans at their recent retreat in Baltimore. Barry O’s rampant narcissism is fueled by His addiction to watching Himself on TV (including a guest appearance on Leno where He, reminiscent of Rahm’s insensitivity, poked fun at mentally and physically-challenged Special Olympians.) The guy loves to hear Himself speak, and when He does—which is way too often—it’s usually about Himself. Like most juveniles, the churlish and petulant Barack seems to think He knows it all and bristles at any criticism or correction: “Hey, it’s not my fault—he (Bush) did it!” pouts POTUS. Like most teens (and nearly all liberals), Barry prefers to live in His own fantasyland, divorced from hard reality. And He loves to “mix it up” with other kids on the playground, like when He takes on Fox News or Rush Limbaugh. He’s a president that, like many punk kids—especially ones from Chicago—likes to “rumble”: “If they bring a knife to the fight, then we bring a gun”.


So our nation stumbles forward with the juveniles at the helm. Actually, given their malfeasance in handling the economy and national security matters, “juvenile delinquents” would be more apt.