A Modest Proposal

In the spirit of Jonathan Swift, here’s an idea. In order to avert the imminent destruction of human civilization by runaway global warming, how about the eco-terrorists, Algorian religionists, Marxists and all the other “True Believers” enter a solemn pact to commit mass suicide? Man up and take one for the team. Maybe on next year’s Earth Day?


After all, it’s evil human beings that, by the simple act of breathing, contribute CO2 to the witches’ brew known as greenhouse gasses. So let Algore (and his ilk) put his “money”—which would be substantial if his flim-flam scheme comes to fruition—where his carbon dioxide-spewing mouth is, as it were. Many of the global warming fanatics have, themselves, focused on population control as one means to reduce CO2 emissions worldwide. Eliminating, in one fell swoop, millions of dedicated alarmists, martyrs to a man willing to die for their cause, would go a long way toward mitigating this dire situation. True, mass suicide by all the world’s lefties would not completely halt the impending apocalypse; but, like all those lawyers at the bottom of the sea, it’s a good start. Still, this one sacred act would have a disproportional impact when you factor in the fact that these traffickers in fear are spewing a lot more hot air than the rest of us.


And it would put to rest for good any accusations of rank hypocrisy on the part of these sophisticated modern-day doomsayers. An added bonus would be ridding the world of the vapid and boorish mewing of the Hollywood Left.


Just a thought.