David Ickes’ Lizard Aliens Invade Earth

Certifiably insane David Ickes, the controversial conspiracy author and lecturer, claims George W. Bush, Queen Elizabeth II, Kris Kristopherson and Boxcar Willie all have something in common: they’re actually scaly Reptilians from outer space masquerading in human flesh as they conspire to take over the world. Boxcar Willie?


But maybe we shouldn’t be so quick to dismiss the crackpot Brit. Last night the new drama V premiered on ABC. It’s the story of a race of Lizard People who come to Earth ostensibly as beautiful beings looking remarkably like and speaking like ordinary humans. And the good news is they come in peace! Their leader, Anna, looks more like a Milan fashion plate than the supreme commander of an advanced alien race.


What’s so amazing about this TV show is this: it’s a perfect metaphor for Obama’s cult of personality. It’s all there, the attractive yet somehow elusive, inscrutable Dear Leader (Anna/Obama) promising to unite the world, the V’s pledge to better humankind (including literally healing most known diseases, even swine flu), the universal Liberal disclaimer, “Don’t worry, we mean no harm”, a call for volunteerism (“Become a Peace Ambassador”), the emphasis on technology, particularly in the realm of imaging and communications, the not-so-subtle attempts to co-opt gaga journalists, laying down ground rules for interviews, indicating that they, the Vs, believe in free and open inquiry as long as the questions don’t produce any “negative energy”.


As the plot unfolds in the first episode, already there are signs that maybe the Vs are not quite as benign as they make themselves out to be. In fact, according the leader of an underground movement, they’re downright sinister; they’re slimy Lizard People intent on destroying the very Earth they supposedly came to save. The sleeper cell in New York hasn’t exactly organized any Tea Parties just yet; but these revolutionaries are banding together in secret, ever vigilant, knowing their freedom, their very way of life is being threatened by the winsome Anna with the seductive smile.


It’s hard to believe the same network that a few months ago treated us to a slick one-hour infomercial for ObamaCare—a ratings dud—is now premiering a drama which, wittingly or unwittingly, lays bare the true nature of Obama’s “magnanimity”. At least for those of us who have ears to hear.


Footnote: If you doubt this analysis is on the mark, consider this: The critics at the New York Times have already trashed the show.