Obama’s Half-Ass War

Who could have possibly imagined our half-baked Commander-In-Chief would opt for prosecuting His “necessary” war—the “good” war—in a half-ass fashion? On the domestic front, it’s a pedal-to-the metal, full steam ahead, man the torpedoes, “they bring a knife, we bring a gun”, locked and loaded for bear, guns-a-blazin’, Chicago-style all out frontal assault on the Enemy. (That would be Rush, Levin, Sarah, Hannity, Beck, FoxNews, teabaggers and over half the American people—the usual suspects.) But with Afghanistan it’s all mulling, dithering and, now, pussyfooting.


It looks like Barack, the quintessential calculating politician, is hoping to placate both sides in the strategy debate by splitting the difference. General McChrystal wants 40,000 more troops; Code Pink wants zero. Hmmm … let’s see … I know! … how about 20,000? (Too bad there’s no Nobel Prize for mathematics—Barry would be a shoo-in.) One problem with this approach, however—besides losing the war, I mean—is that, rather than making everyone somewhat happy, you’re more likely to just piss everybody off.


Actually, there happens to be a third dog in this hunt. Fido, in this case, is named Joe. As in Biden. Ignoring General McChrystal’s expertise and counsel, the veep instead favors War-Lite, preferring to wage war remotely. Joe is very big on drones. Our friends, the Pakistanis, however, are not so big on drones or, as they call them, “executions without trial”. Thankfully, even Obama knows enough to just ignore Rover’s leg-humping.


The peaceniks love to deem the war in Afghanistan “another Vietnam”. These weak-kneed pinkos just love to toss around the term “quagmire”. Generally I don’t agree with crazy lefties. But they may have a point here. Mind you, this war needn’t be another Vietnam if we’d just listen to our generals. But with Colonel Barry and His lieutenants, Rahm and Axelrod, on the front lines, calling the shots from the trenches, who knows?


If only El Jeffe saw Al-Qaeda and the Taliban in the same paranoid way He views the menacing FoxNews, He might actually have a shot at defeating the bastards.