The Borlaug Supremacy

Our world faces the prospect of imminent disaster— by U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon’s calculation we’re doomed in less than four months—due to a menacing, runaway global warming trajectory kicking into high gear and propelling us toward a harrowing near-future characterized by rising sea levels, submerged island nations, deforestation, hyper hurricanes, tornados on steroids, drastic desiccation and the specter of widespread famine. Or, at least, thus saith the Algorian priesthood. For it is written and foretold in the sacred scripture, the holy Earth In The Lurch, dictated to the prophet Algore himself by Gaia Herself, as well as other canonical writings such as The Unibomber’s Manifesto.


Back in the seventies our planet faced a similar impending catastrophe of unimaginable magnitude. The clarion cry at that time warned of worldwide hunger and starvation. There were simply too many people to feed. The solution, according to the scientific “consensus” of the day, was population control. (I can imagine the eugenics crowd and abortionists practically salivating at the prospect of culling the Homo sapiens herd.) This underlying anti-life assumption, no doubt, appealed to the Left in general. The only possible way to limit the Earth’s population and avert a holocaust was to, naturally, marshal the forces of government—guided, of course, by elite enlightenment, all under the auspices of liberal good intentions.


Fast forward to the present. There’s still world hunger. But the situation has improved dramatically. Many of the pockets of hunger and malnutrition that remain exist, not in spite of, but because of governments. Many of the corrupt rogue regimes of African nations let the humanitarian food shipments rot on the docks, refusing to disburse the food and supplies to their people. And a lunatic like Kim Jong Very Ill lets his subjects literally starve to death while he funnels all his country’s resources into North Korea’s masturbatory nuclear arms program.


So that Third Horseman of the Apocalypse failed to show up on his black steed after all, in spite of all those Leftist soothsayers. And today there’s even more people populating the globe than there were in the 1970s. So which U.N. project turned things around? How did the governments of the world, in concert, turn back the relentless tide of imminent starvation?


Actually, most of the credit goes to one individual, an agronomist by the name of Norman Borlaug—he died just a month ago—who is considered the father of the Green Revolution (to be distinguished from today’s “green” environmental movement). He figured out a way to significantly increase the yield of wheat. His methods were later applied to rice production. It’s estimated that Mr. Borlaug single-handedly saved the lives of a billion people. (By comparison, Rachel Carlson merely caused the death of millions.) Not a bad legacy, Norm.


One inspired, motivated and creative scientist did more to mitigate world hunger than all the governments of the world combined. Their myopic vision, all their committees, summits, central planning and clumsy bureaucracies could never have matched the simple genius of this one man who, working freely, unconstrained by governmental meddling, transformed his world.


Democrats now propose to destroy the U.S. economy with their fatuous Crap And Tax legislation that won’t do diddly-squat to cool the globe but will go a long way toward the Left’s favorite project and real goal, the redistribution of wealth—and on such a grand scale!


To whatever slim extent global warming is a real problem—and more and more scientists doubt that it is—maybe we should remember Norman Borlaug’s example. Pelosi, Reid, Waxman, Markey, Boxer and Kerry notwithstanding, there just must be a better way.