Getting Chucked Big Time

Chuck Schumer now thinks all CEOs of publically-traded companies should have their executive compensation scrutinized by Obama’s Pay Master, Kenneth Feinberg. The populist mood of the country isn’t too bothered by executives at big Wall Street firms having their compensation packages trimmed by Big Government to the tune of up to ninety percent. That’s understandable considering these institutions made their deal with the devil with all those bailouts. But every CEO in America? Can you say “intrusive”?


Since liberals are so offended by “obscene” wealth, how about letting Mr. Feinberg determine the “worth” of Brad Pitt, George Clooney and Leo DiCaprio? Oh, that’s right—they’re all Obama sycophants. How about slashing the pay of U.S. senators, including Senator Chuck’s, by ninety percent?


President Obama proudly proclaims He will not meddle in the affairs of other nations, even countries like Iran where a revolution against the insane regime is afoot. Oh that Barry would, here at home, pledge to not meddle in our private lives and enterprise.