Obama’s Fetish

President Barry has long been jonesin’ for the idea of “volunteerism” although His notion is a little skewed in that His concept of community service comes, at times, dangerously close to being mandatory. An oxymoron befitting a moronic head of state. Obama dreams of a domestic Youth Corps of “conscripted volunteers”—huh? —that would be as powerful and well-funded as the military. WTF?


I’m all for community service when its impetus is your local church or synagogue, a local school or neighborhood association or the Kiwanis. But when there’s a coordinated national push orchestrated by the Community Organizer-In-Chief, I get a little nervous. Obama has already tried to co-opt the NEA, employing that tax-funded organization to urge the art community to rally to His agenda. (There’s even a rumor gaining currency that the meddlesome Obama Administration may get involved in the NFL, advocating for the Players Union during the next round of collective bargaining.)


Now the administration has set its sights on the medium of television. Big Hollywood has unearthed a Google Document published by the Entertainment Industry Foundation (EIF) titled Play Your Part America announcing that, “from October 19-25, more than 60 network TV shows [will] spotlight the power and personal benefits of service,” and that this “unprecedented block of TV programming is the first wave of a multi-year ‘I Participate’ campaign.” Quoting Big Hollywood’s John Nolte, “Next week, tens, if not hundreds of millions of Americans, will be urged through the (ab)use of public airwaves to log on to the EIF iParticipate site and volunteer.”


The EIF’s memo begins with the preamble, Answering The Call, which declares, “President Obama has called for a new era of responsibility—recognition on the part of every American that we have duties to ourselves, our nation [read “government”] and world to serve others. It is the price and promise of citizenship.” Where in the Constitution is the clause defining the “price” of citizenship? I thought citizenship in the Republic was a birthright bestowed by God Almighty (the real one, not The One).


The document goes on to outline a number of strategies including this one: “To ‘organically’ create and produce as many stories as possible about service and volunteerism and connect them in the plots of network dramas, comedies and reality shows.”


The memo continues: “By connecting characters and storylines to broad themes of service and/or providing messaging through the cast, a picture will be painted of what service and volunteering can look like today, and inspire viewers.”


So now Rahm and Axelrod are screenwriting for TV shows? I can’t wait for the next episode of Criminal Minds where the FBI profilers nail a serial volunteer!


Another blogger, Stage Right, at Big Hollywood makes this observation: “You know how folks always say, ‘If you don’t like what you see, just change the channel.’  Well, clearly next week that won’t be an option.  It’s going to be a full-court press… nowhere to hide.”


It turns out, during this propaganda blitz, viewers will be encouraged to get off their duffs and visit a number of websites that will happily facilitate any new-born inspiration to “serve”. You can, for example, be directed to Planned Parenthood’s website where you’ll be encouraged to help man—sorry, help “person”—the phone banks to reach out to and enlist those committed to “reproductive freedom”, pleading the cause for a health care plan that includes women’s health. If you visit www.iparticpate.org, you’ll have an opportunity to save the environment by becoming a “Global Warming Ambassador”. You’ll even be urged to visit the government’s official website, www.serve.gov, where you can read the transcript of Charlie Sheen’s twenty minute conversation with The One Himself with the chat centering on the Hollywood Truther’s deep concern about what really happened on 9/11.


Agenda? What agenda? It’s all benign, liberal do-goodism promising us the reward of liberal feel-goodism. What could possibly be wrong with that?


Imagine if George Bush had pressured 60 networks and cable outlets to devote a week of programming to promote the theme War Isn’t Necessarily Bad. Chris Matthews would have been foaming at the mouth. No, wait—bad example. He was already rabid.