Barry Edges Out Bob

Barack Hussein Obama has won the Nobel Appease—sorry, Nobel Peace Prize—narrowly edging out the runner up, America’s warbling troubadour, Bob Dylan. Barry’s extended, un-clutched hand reaching out to dictators, thugs, whackos and malcontents everywhere, in the end, trumped the legacy of Chimes of Freedom ringing and blowin’ in the wind while the times they were a changin’.


(I wonder if Barry now regrets His decision to diss the Dali Lama, a fellow Nobel Peace recipient.)


We must laud those prescient Norwegians for picking Barack Who, at the time the selection process concluded, had been president of the world a mere ten days. Somehow they just knew the fledgling Leader of The Free World would be great for world peace.


Well, now that that’s that, Barry can finally pull out of Afghanistan with a clear conscience. That conflict now seems trivial and superfluous. Who needs war when you can have peace through the sheer force of Mr. Obama’s personality? (Still, the current war in the southern provinces of Chicagoland remains troublesome; but we must just be patient and let Barry do His thing.) In a similar fashion, Jimmy Carter, another Nobel winner, brought lasting peace to the Middle East by his goofy smile along with his charity of good will and good intentions, the hallmark of any liberal’s diplomacy. Both these great men embody and exhibit perfectly the ideals of the esteemed moral philosopher, Rodney King, an intellectual giant of the last century.


So now the young Barack Obama joins Jimmy and Algore in the ethereal mists of Nobel’s Olympus, thus completing the Holy Triumvirate of Lefty Peaceniks for our age. And a glorious Age it is.