Losing His Mojo

Poor little Barry Obama. Nothing seems to be going His way these days. He got His keister handed to Him in the health care debates (in spite of being aided and abetted by the slavering State-run media). His poll numbers continue to nose-dive. Even the French, for Pete’s sake, have mocked Him for His stellar naïveté and Titanic ego—a dangerous combination—in the realm of geopolitics. And, now, the Chi Town triumvirate of Barack, Michelle and Oprah has blown it big time in Copenhagen. They didn’t even make it past the first round of balloting. The dynamic trio failed to even bring home the Bronze. Even Michelle’s sob story about her dad’s multiple sclerosis —it’s always about the Obamas—failed to move the officials. If Barry can’t seal the deal with the We Are The World crowd, just how the hell is He going to convince the Ayatollahs and their simian stooge to play nice?


And it’s pretty pathetic when a corrupt politician, schooled in the Daily tradition, can’t even win the nod from another bunch of crooks, those corrupt IOC members.


It’s really a shame. Half the members of the Obama Administration are slumlords who stood to make a lotta money selling off their South Side tenement holdings to the city to make room for the Olympic venues.



I wonder if these loser ambassadors from Chicago—all three solidly “ethnic”—will cry racism this time around. That might prove to be difficult, even for these practiced race-baiters. Well, there’s always the old tried-and-tested boogey man, George Bush. There must still be so much residual bad feeling toward America left over from the Bush era, lingering like some foul, toxic cloud, that even Barack’s mojo wasn’t potent enough to dispel it. Can it possibly be that all that America-bashing has failed to pay off? Even the meager dividend of winning the Olympics for Chicago has been lost. Yet Barry still thinks He can charm Kim Jong Ill or Mahmoud?


So, how much tax-payers’ money did these pompous narcissists and celebretants blow on their failed mission? Even more important, what kind of a carbon footprint did these Green hypocrites leave in the wake of their three 747s and the caravan of limousines they were transporting?


The world has flipped off their naked Emperor. The myth of Barack Hussein Obama is beginning to tumble like a house of cards. What a loser.