The Dumb Liberal Obsession

The Left’s principia mathematica can be summed up thusly: reduce everything to the lowest common denominator. For these radicals, there’s simply no other way to achieve their utopian vision of universal equality. It’s much easier to hold people back, to drag people down, than to set the bar higher and compel everyone to reach that elevated level. Too much energy would need to be expended to overcome the gravity of reality. Of course, the unstated truth is even the leftists don’t really believe in a society where everyone is perfectly equal and everything is “fair”. There must always be the vanguard, the elites who engineer this ambitious project and who exempt themselves from their social reductionism. The proletarians were consigned to Stalin-era tenements and long bread lines but the Politburo members enjoyed their caviar while vacationing in their dachas.


This was always to be a protracted enterprise. But the leftists have made a good start. They work obsessively and relentlessly to “dumb down” America’s culture, from “values-based” education to revisionist history to multi-culturalism and its fatuous cousin, moral equivalency, to the coarsening—and neutering—of language to “sound bite” news coverage to the State-sponsored and funded “arts” to the trivialization and debasement of entertainment. Even the idea of sports competition, once valued as something good, has been reduced in our schools to the farcical notion that neither team should win because, after all, that wouldn’t be “fair” to the losing—oops, poor choice of words—the other side. And the Juvenile currently occupying the Oval Office has adopted this same puerile thinking—hence, His aversion to using, in the context of foreign policy, the term “victory”. It might damage the bad guys’ self-esteem. Pursuing victory is too close to gloating, I guess.


This perverse moral malaise, however, does not stop at America’s borders. No, it must be exported. The unique, the exceptional, in any form, will always be offensive to leftists because such categories contradict their radical egalitarianism. And so this is why our president is always taking to the world stage to, at every opportunity, denigrate the country He was elected to represent, reminding the rest of the world that the United States is just another nation with no particular moral standing. So, no, it just won’t do to have an America that stands alone as that “shining city on a hill”. We must forget that America has, since the end of World War II, remained the sole Western nation solidly committed to market economics with its attendant freedoms—and unprecedented prosperity—while the Europeans gravitated to social democracies characterized by varying degrees of statism, social and economic stagnation, moral vacuity and the erosion of personal freedoms. Yet, according to Obama, it’s time we drop our airs of superiority along with our yearning for freedom and join our friends on the Continent (even though many of those countries are now beginning to realize the bankruptcy of their own regimented social systems). After all, it’s only “fair”.


Despite claims to the contrary, our health care system is the best in the world. It is exceptional. There certainly are problems that need to be addressed but the system is “hopelessly broken” only because Rahm Emanuel, salivating for another “crisis” to energize his dialectic, deems it so. It turns out the radical Democrats not only want to redistribute the wealth. With ObamaCare, they also plan to redistribute the misery—just to be “fair”. And those EU healthcare systems the liberals love so much? These social democracies are only able to afford their universal health care systems—and then, just barely—because they don’t have to commit large appropriations to their own defense. They’ve let the United States with its exceptional military might take care of that for them for the past six decades. Thank you very much.


But, unfortunately for them—and us—there can no longer be a lone Super Power in Obama’s World—and, yes, it’s His world now. Such lofty status is anathema to Barry’s New World Order. To the relief and joy of the rest of the world, The Messiah has finally come. He’s not, however, the Great Unifier, as advertised. No, He’s the Great Leveler. He’s The Messiah, but an impotent One, Who hasn’t a clue how to lift the masses out of abject poverty; so He’s left with only one option, to emasculate the vitality of prospering nations. (How will the poor be helped when everybody ends up poor?) He’s the Zany Zen Master who speaks in riddles, dispensing nuggets of wisdom like, “If you can’t bring the impoverished, disenfranchised Third World to the “mountain” of Western Civilization, then you must bring that mountain down, leveling it, to the flatlands of a shared mediocrity and misery”. Whatever.