Moral Equivalence, My Ass

Fantasy-monger, President Obama, was at it again. In addressing the UN General Assembly earlier this week, with soaring vapidity and the usual banal platitudes, Barry perpetrated, once again, some of His favorite myths. He parroted the hyper-alarmism over “climate change”—now there’s a self-evident truth—and He reiterated the fatuous and disingenuous notion of moral equivalency. The dirty little secret is Obama no more believes in “moral equivalency” that I do. It’s just that He only invokes the principle when it’s expedient to do so, framing it in such a way as to further His own agenda. In truth, Barry makes judgment-tinged moral distinctions all the time—between Zelaya and Micheletti, between Iran’s Greens and the Ayatollahs, between Islam, the “religion of peace”, and other world faiths, between Israel and the Palestinians. I could go on.


Nevertheless, speaking in the public forum of the UN, Obama asserts the doctrine. According to the Appeaser-In Chief, no country is any more distinguished—and certainly not any better—than any other nation. Oh really? So, according to this leftist screed, there’s no qualitative difference between the United States and, say, Burkina Faso. However, as Mark Steyn notes, when the next tsunami hits Sri Lanka, they’ll be calling on America, not Burkina Faso.


Consider the rambling, incoherent speech by Muammar Gaddafi. The Colonel—or, as he was introduced by the General Assembly President, Ali Treki, the “king of kings”—took to the podium looking like some creepy cartoon character in silly garb who’d survived multiple cosmetic surgeries and who’d, prior to his speech, taken one-too-many hits off his hookah back at the tent. The Bedouin regaled his audience for the next hour and a half with one outrageous claim after another—at one point warning of the coming “fish flu” pandemic—and finally calling for the JFK assassination to be reinvestigated because, as everybody knows, the Jews were behind the hit.


But Muammar was just the warm-up act. The headliner was Mahmoud Ahmadine-a-wackjob who landed the gig after it turned out Michael Moore was already booked. The diminutive simian did not disappoint. He had most of the delegates—the Third World delegates, anyway—rolling in the aisles in delightful hysterics. But a few in the audience walked out when it became obvious that Persia’s Bill Maher had failed to come up with any fresh comedic material.


The next day, Benjamin Netanyahu ascended the dais. What a refreshing, though sobering, dose of no-nonsense clarity. His mere presence restored dignity to the fetid swamp of narcissism and moral turpitude. He forcefully, deliberately pressed the case for Israel and its basic right to existence. He lamented the pathetic joke that’s the UN. Under its own charter, for one nation to merely threaten genocide against another is to be considered a war crime. Yet this den of thieves, tin horn dictators, corrupt weasels and moral cowards just sit on their hands while Iran vows to obliterate a member state. Bebe, with Holocaust documents in hand, launched a stinging rebuke of Mahmoud The Denier. Netanyahu’s indictment of Iran was powerful and compelling. Unlike those other two juvenile delinquents, the prime minister, an adult, spoke with moral force and, yes, moral superiority.


In life, we make distinctions all the time. We’re all familiar with “apples to oranges” logic. Human beings discriminate every waking moment. That’s the basis of making decisions, whether pedestrian or epic. So why should it be any different when considering nations, cultures, religions or ideologies? It’s true that God has bestowed a common dignity upon humankind. But beyond that—and in the matrix of free will—all bets are off.


Permit me to shift my focus from New York to Pittsburg. The zealots, protesting the G20 Summit, didn’t take long to start trashing parked cars and Starbucks stores. Can anyone cite a single leftist rally or protest that hasn’t devolved into anarchy and violence—or at least unseemly behavior? Now recall the Tea Party rally of September 12th. We can quibble about the attendance numbers but it was a big crowd. Despite the hysterical rants from Chris Matthews, Keith Olbermann and Ed Schulz warning of right-wing assassination plots, church picnickers couldn’t have behaved better. In egress, the “unruly mob” not only picked up after itself but left the place looking better than they’d found it.


Moral equivalence? Nyet. By any sane, objective standard, our team behaves better.