Barry In Gethsemane

Perhaps there comes a point in every Messiah’s life when He must enter that “dark night of the soul”, when that inner burden of crisis reaches critical mass. Could it be that our blessed Messiah, Barack Obama, is even now upon that gloomy threshold? Surely He must be feeling the weight of the world on His sinewy shoulders as He contemplates the war in Afghanistan, a conflict that is not going well by every indication.


The New Testament reveals that Jesus, contemplating the crucifixion that was his destiny, removed by night to the Garden of Gethsemane to wrestle with his human doubts and inner misgivings. In the frailness of the flesh, the human Jesus could hardly bear the thought of that horrible fate which awaited him. Yet, in the end, he renounced self, setting aside his all-too-human instinct for self-preservation, to do what was demanded of him. He glimpsed the bigger picture and courageously chose to do the right thing. And the rest, as they say, is cosmic history.


I’m trying to picture in my mind young Barry stealing off at midnight, slipping past the Secret Service detail, to fall on His knees in the midst of Michelle’s vegetable garden, praying to Himself, between drags on His Marlboro, with such earnest intensity that He literally sweats droplets of blood—all the while his closest apostles, Rahm and David, along the redeemed harlot, Valerie Jarrett, having fallen sound asleep, abandoning their Master in His hour of need.


But try as I will, that just doesn’t play in my brain pan’s home theater.


Frankly, I simply don’t believe Barry truly cares enough about America and her defense from foreign aggression to get that worked up about it. True, Obama deemed this war to be one of necessity, vital to the national security interests of America. During the campaign He made the successful prosecution of the war in Afghanistan one of the main pillars of His proposed foreign policy. He owns that war now.


On the other hand, by authorizing the sending of more troops Obama escalates the conflict and risks alienating His fringe-kook political base. And He needs those zany zealots if He’s going to sign into law ObamaCare, the hallmark and crowning achievement of His domestic agenda.


Well, when you put it that way, it’s really a no-brainer. So, yes, our feckless Capitulator-In-Chief will sell out our brave men and women who wear the uniform and who’ve sacrificed so much already, putting His agenda, His ego and His imagined vaunted place in history before the defense of the nation He pretends to lead. After all, He’s a celebrity, not a Churchill. In the final analysis, Barry is a Democrat, just another weakly-constituted wimp without the stomach for any fight that involves guns or staying power.