Wigging Out

Finally, a Republican with real gonads standing up to Team Obama’s propaganda machine which, during the decorous joint session of the august Congress, was still spewing the same old cow dung! One lone patriot dared to publically call out the dissembling Obama on one of many lies. And, for that, he was excoriated for violating the solemn decorum of the occasion. (How is slinging bovine excretions, itself, not a breach of decorum?) I applaud the patriotic Representative Joe Wilson (R-SC) who should be right up there with Paul Revere, Nathan Hale and Joe The Plumber.


Meanwhile, another Joe, pompous buffoon Joe Biden, is lamenting this disgraceful disruption of the pomp and circumstance of Barry’s big moment. Moreover, the renegade terrorist from South Carolina had demeaned the dignity of a great institution, had sullied the beauty of the Congress which the vice-president so loves. A conservative being scolded and chastened by a Democrat for their “uncivil” behavior is always rich in irony. These are the folks who will win at any cost and happily sanction lying, stealing, distortions, vote fraud, extortion, disinformation, blackmail, corruption, smear campaigns, under-the-table payolas, check kiting, kickbacks, intimidation, physical assaults and, in Bill and Bernadine’s case, blowing up federal buildings. But how dare a Republican be so uncivil as to interrupt Barry’s mojo while He’s casting His spell.


But, honestly, why should our lawmakers have to check their emotions at the door when they enter the hallowed chambers of Congress? There’s something disingenuous about 24/7 down-and-dirty politics suddenly having to take a powder for Barry’s prime-time dramedy. I happen to like Britain’s parliamentary approach: the prime minister steps into the “hot box”, so to speak, and the opposition begins pelting him with piercing probes, stinging rebukes and questions so incisive as to draw blood—or maybe that’s just juice from the occasionally hurled ripe tomato. The prime minister, of course, may then reply in his own defense only to be assaulted all over again with the next volley. And, they get to wear goofy-looking wigs while having all this fun!


Come to think of it, our Founding Fathers had a thing for wigs, too. Maybe the idea was to make the politicians less easily recognizable on YouTube. And, come to think of it, some of those congressional conclaves of yesteryear could really kick up a ruckus. It’s a wonderand deliciously ironicthat bewigged dandies in drag could crank out so much testosterone. Maybe it’s time for our elected officials to start wearing wigs again. (Alternatively, Nancy Pelosi might consider a Dr. Evil latex skull covering for that menacing bald look.)


Personally, I’d like to take partisan politics and dissentious discourse to a whole new level. I’d like to see mud pits and vats of Jell-O installed in the House and Senate chambers. But, then, I’m a radical.


Joe Wilson’s raw, spontaneous outburst, in the midst of a decadent aristocracy in the thrall of their young monarch, was a refreshing jolt of reality, a shot of adrenaline injecting itself into the stultifying atmosphere of the tightly scripted and controlled event. Hurray! It was a “Mustafa The Shoe-Chucker” moment.