Time—Again—For Crisis Mode

Historically, excluding the obligatory State of the Union speech, a president summoning a joint session of Congress has been a relatively rare occurrence and generally presupposes some momentous crisis or the fact that the nation finds itself at some historic crossroad. It was appropriate for George W. Bush to address the Congress and the American people in the aftermath of the devastating attacks of September 11th, 2001. Our country’s future was uncertain and its economic vitality threatened. And it was not entirely inappropriate for President Obama to address a joint session of Congress this past February as the world economy teetered on the brink of the abyss. I disagreed with His approach, the bloated and dubious Stimulus Plan, to meeting this crisis head-on. But it was a crisis.


Now our president has decided to, again, call for a joint session of Congress. This time the “crisis” is health care. This is simply fear-mongering, a tenant of the Left whose entire agenda is underpinned by a need for chaos and crisis to effect change. Go back through the annals of radicalism’s history and the concept “out of chaos, order” is there. It’s in the New Left’s Port Huron Statement and it’s in Alinsky’s writings. Its more contemporary expression can be found in Rahm Emanuel who famously remarked that a crisis is a terrible thing to waste. The Democrats, true to form, have consistently been chronic whiners hysterically inflating every conceivable social ill into a full-blown “crisis”. What a humorless, morose lot.


The only genuine crisis that compels Obama to address the Congress this time is His own, both political and personal. His popularity is flagging, His credibility—not that He ever had much—is eroding and He’s lost control of the debate over the defining centerpiece of His domestic agenda. The clock’s ticking and it’s time for that Hail Mary pass. As usual, this is all about Barry, juvenile narcissist. (During His much awaited—and disingenuous—speech to the young’uns, our Obamacentric president referred to himself with words like “I”, “me” or “mine” no less than 56 times.) ObamaCare has never been about health or caring. It’s about an intrusive and bullying government hijacking a significant and strategic chunk of the private sector. It’s about manufacturing Obama’s synthetic legacy as a “great” president. And it’s about securing Obama’s place forever in the pantheon of radical luminaries who’ve all worked tirelessly to actualize Marx’s utopian dream.


Anticipating His prime-time address to the Congress, the silver-tongued snake oil huckster is hoping—gambling, really—that He’s got His mojo back. If He doesn’t—if it’s just another long-winded boiler plate speech—the Democrats will have a real crisis on their hands.