Why The “Firestorm”?

It’s been noted that three previous presidents, Eisenhower, Reagan and Bush 41, have addressed the school children of America in the past. So why the uproar over President Obama doing likewise? What could possibly be wrong with our current president addressing the impressionable young, urging them to work hard and stay in school? In a word, context. Never before has a presidency been so shrouded in a cult of personality like that which surrounds Barack Obama.


Sure, there’s a “myth” that has grown up around Ronald Reagan. But that story line came after President Reagan had left office. He was certainly—excluding the loony Left—a popular president while occupying the Oval Office. But he was, at his core, a humble man. His presidency was always about America, a country he genuinely loved—about her uniqueness and greatness—and not about Reagan, the man. The same cannot be said about Mr. Obama who never misses an opportunity to denigrate America, especially when He’s speaking on foreign soil. Nor has the president ever tempered His own personal myth which has become inflated to epic proportion thanks, largely, to His sycophants in the media. Obama knows a good thing when it sees it.


Also, it should be pointed out that, in the past, the Department of Education—which didn’t even exist in Ike’s day—was never manipulated by the White House to draft and promulgate a pre-speech curriculum that urged little buggers across the fruited plains to ponder how they could help their president—not how they could help or serve their country better, or how they might be more obedient to their parents and teachers. No, instead, how could they help (read: further the agenda) of Barack Obama. Am I just being paranoid? Well, the National Endowments for the Arts recently launched a campaign which urged artists everywhere to keep Barry’s agenda in mind when expressing their creative genius. So you tell me.


It would be a stretch to say Barry plans to “brainwash” our kids next Tuesday. The NEA and the public school system are doing an admirable job in that endeavor already. But with Chicago pols like Axelrod and Emanuel calling the shots, Obama’s speech will be calculated and political—especially with The Kid’s poll numbers tanking. Everything this administration does is political.


The analog to President Obama addressing our kids in one big coast-to-coast general assembly is not a likeable Ronald Reagan or the grandfatherly George H.W. Bush having a chat with our young citizens. It’s more akin to Kim Jong Ill, another “larger than life” Dear Leader, energizing a youth rally. That’s why some of us are concerned.