BREAKING—Hillary Renounces Pro-Choice View!

Well, not quite. Madame Secretary only seems disturbed by those “sex selection” abortions which favor boys (at the peril of girls, naturally). That, after all, amounts to discrimination. Next to “Republican” and “Bush” there’s probably no dirtier word in the language of the Left.


To quote from Doug Bandow’s report in the American Spectator:


Secretary Clinton, a supporter of unrestricted abortion, appears disturbed by the logical outcome of her policy preferences. In commenting on her international agenda for women, she observed that in some nations “girl babies are still being put out to die.”… [S]he tied the “infanticide rate of girl babies” to sex selection abortions. … Secretary Clinton has raised the core moral challenge of abortion: once we enter the continuum of life, our essential humanity has been established. The moment of birth has no obvious moral distinction. Else why would Secretary Clinton be as upset with those who abort baby girls as with those who put newborn girls out to die? … Clinton undercuts the essential argument of abortion activists: there is a right to unrestricted abortion (or abortion “on demand”). That means for any reason. However, the secretary has identified, to her, at least, one illegitimate reason. If there is one, might there not be others? … Why is it worse to decide that the baby’s sex is “wrong” than to decide that the pregnancy’s timing is “wrong.” Secretary Clinton’s apparent position, that people are free to choose abortion for any reason, except the one reason she finds most offensive, is intellectually unsustainable.


With these cracks in her logic and with her lamenting, potentially, the abortions that might impact half the members of the pre-born pool, Hillary is half way home.