America On Life Support

I’m fifty-nine. The America I grew up with, the country I’ve always loved but, yes, too often taken for granted, is in a bad way these days. Languishing in the IC unit, America—like her citizens—would decidedly not benefit from ObamaCare. In fact, an intrusive robust ObamaCare could very well be lethal. I hate to sound as alarmist as, say, Ban ki-Moon, the Secretary General of the UN who claims planet Earth only has four months to live unless we “save” it with “green” priorities. I’m no moonbat.


Still, I can’t shake this uneasy feeling that the Republic is incrementally being stolen and desecrated right under our collective nose. It’s like witnessing a bad traffic accident in real time. It unfolds, seemingly, in “slow motion” right before your eyes, yet all you can do is watch helplessly in a state of confused paralysis. There’s a sense of the surreal that attaches itself to your perception of the event. You know it’s happening; but you can’t quite bring yourself to believe it’s happening.


Maybe our situation isn’t that bad—yet. There does seem to be evidence that the old Sleeping Giant, the Silent Majority, is stirring again across the land. And I’m heartened by that. But Quin Hilliard has written a sobering report for the American Spectator that should serve as a cautionary tale. Essentially, he asserts that next year’s mid-term elections may be our Maginot Line. If we can’t hold and turn back Obama’s “red tide” in 2010, we could very well be royally—pun intended—screwed.


Here’s the link to Mr. Hilliard’s excellent offering: