Once Again, Lefties “Go Oprah”

It’s always entertaining to witness outraged liberals playing make-believe, pretending to actually be principled. With the release of new documents detailing CIA interrogation abuses in questioning detainees, Oprahesque liberal angst is spiking into the red again. Claiming the lofty moral high ground, these bed-wetters—hey, if our intellectual president can say people get “all wee-weed up” then I’m comfortable with my descriptive noun—anyway, these sensitive effete whiners moralistically chasten the rest of us Neanderthals for failing to uphold America’s highest ideals. Well, if I lived in the same imaginary, utopian world which deluded liberals tend to think they inhabit, I too could be idealistic. In such a world—if it existed—this discussion would be moot. There would be no hand-wringing over detainee abuses because there would be no detainees.


Besides, compared to those Islamo-fascist dudes, our interrogators are a bunch of spineless pikers. We may threaten to kill some jihadist psychopath’s kids if he doesn’t sing; but we would never carry out the threat. Unlike Abdul or Hakeem, we don’t actually sever our prisoner’s heads. And if we did, we wouldn’t film the bloody affair and broadcast it to the entire world for popular consumption. The liberal mind just can’t seem to grasp the reality of evil or the salient fact that we are at war with fundamentalists who want to kill a bunch of us infidels. I may not go so far as to say that “all’s fair in love or war”. But let’s at least recognize that those are both grey areas. Desperate times may call for desperate measures and certain idealistic values may need to be tarnished for the greater good. (Funny; moral relativists—that is to say, liberals—normally love situational ethics.) So reality, at times, can be messy. By plotting the assassination of Hitler, Bonheoffer violated one of his own values. But, to his spiritually-informed mind, doing nothing would have been even more immoral. I wonder what would happen to a liberal’s principled opposition to torture if their own immediate loved ones were specifically targeted by Allah’s warriors.


The liberals’ righteous indignation is laughable and deplorable because most of the time it’s in deep hibernation. They only drag out and dust off their scruples when it serves their greater agenda. Where is the noble, courageous Democrat when ACORN is being paid by the DNC to steal elections? Or when Black Panthers are enlisted to be vigilantes with clubs outside a polling station? Or when half the Obama Administration is comprised of tax cheats? Where was an incensed Naomi Wolf or an indignant Kate Michelman when Bubba was debasing himself and his office, exploiting his position of power to use—and then discard—a naive intern for his own gratuitous pleasure? (Hint: principled feminist condemnation was subordinated to the larger approbation of Pro-Choice politics which Slick Willy championed assiduously.)


Political southpaws also love to become moral crusaders when it comes to weightier causes like protecting the imperiled snail darter or Pelosi’s beloved salt marsh mouse; but they seem unperturbed by the systemic abortion of human beings. Hey, why get hung up on such a trivial matter?


These self-appointed pseudo-priests of piety dare to define and safeguard our country’s values but are woefully ignorant or disdainful of its great history which is embedded in and emanates out of the Judaeo-Christian tradition. And it’s precisely those “embarrassing” religious values that define America’s exceptionalism, itself the product of this great spiritual heritage, which “principled” liberals are constantly at war with.