Who Knew Democrats Were So Pious?

There was just something special about watching all those Democrats, leftist lemmings being drawn by the ineffable, filled with unease and dread of the numinous as they entered uncharted waters, yet stalwartly filing in and filling the pews of a church on Saturday; special in the same sense observing a total eclipse of the sun is special—it does happen; but only very occasionally.


Still, it was very moving to witness the faithful flocking together for a memorial service to bid farewell to their recently-fallen martyr and saint. Especially touching was the cavalcade of Saint Teddy’s grandchildren—it’s a big clan and there were a lot of them—as they bravely, in holy succession, stepped up to the lectern, young foot soldiers for the cause, prepared to read from the cue cards previously printed up and distributed by the DNC diocese. How courageous were these little acolytes as they came forth in service to the One True Universal Faith (Progressivism, that is—not Catholicism—much less universal Christendom)!


It’s true Jesus once said something about “suffer the little ones to come unto me”. But I wonder if even Jesus on His exalted Throne in Heaven wasn’t literally suffering—at least wincing just a bit—at the spectacle. I know it pained me.


You do have to hand it to those devout Democrats, though. They know how to shamelessly politicize just about any occasion, no matter how sacred or solemn. In the case of the service on Saturday, to their credit, these good liberals appropriated what wasn’t theirs, the religious trappings and church surroundings, and made them their own, subordinating Catholic traditions to suit the needs of their own religion. And, even more amazing, these True Believers seemed to be able to pull it off with nary an outcry from the irreligious press about separation of church and state. It’s curious, then, that so many of them continue to deny the miraculous (even when it happens in their own midst).


Frankly, I’m surprised the youthful mourners weren’t conscripted into a more overt pageantry of ecclesiastical service, lighting candles and incense while wearing the sacred vestments, gilded sandwich boards promoting TeddyCare. What next? With their religious zeal rekindled, will the Democrat devotees go fundamentalist and start enlisting juvenile suicide bombers, sending them into fractious town hall meetings? What better training for the day when they’ll be old enough to join the ranks of Colonel Obama’s genuine paramilitary infrastructure, the domestic Civilian Defense Forcethe one The Commissar, Himself, said should be as well-organized and well-funded as our military?


During the service, with each poignant remembrance brought to mind by family and loved ones, the gathered congregation was enjoined to bestow approbation by responding out loud in unison with the words, “Lord, hear our prayer”. One woman was overheard whispering to her neighbor, “Don’t they mean ‘Lord, yes we can’?” To be fair, a lot of these folks are a little rusty when it comes to the nuances of religious affirmation and traditions. That, and Holy Communion—appropriately, red Kool-Aid—had been served just before.