Union Goons Are Stupid

Bless their hearts, these big goofy oafs try their damnedest to practice the fine art of subterfuge—they really do. They’re ushered into assembly halls via the backdoor or through basement windows as stealth commandos. Another sneaky tactic they employ is to simply show up for a scheduled town hall meeting several hours early to not only pack the house but to do so in a way that, hopefully, won’t be noticed. So far so good.


But then, on other occasions, they go and blow their cover by showing up en mass in a fleet of chartered buses. In an age when everyone’s cell phone doubles as a camera, the arrival of these invading armadas is easily documented. What’s even worse, they all show up—for instance, at Representative Tim Bishop (D)’s town hall meeting in Farmingville, New York—wearing their identical bright red Ban-Lon shirts with the local union insignia prominently displayed. I guess solidarity is everything to these members of the proletariat. But the problem is they stick out like a sore thumb. As I viewed video footage of the event in Long Island, the crowd was peppered with roving bands of operatives wearing their bright red shirts. Nothing says “grassroots” like a visible marching army in full dress uniform.


(By the way, this was the same Tim Bishop who had scheduled one of his previous meetings with his constituents at the local SEIU union hall. Ballsy.)


Maybe these labor dudes need to brush up on the Che Guevara Field Manuel issued to them by Organizing For Obama—er, Organizing For America—in order to learn better how to blend in with the enemy. If you want to avoid the charge of Astroturffing, next time you might want to show up in separate cars and wearing your street clothes.