Governor Palin Cuts Alaska's Budget by 30% On Top Of Creating A $6 Billion Surplus

May 21, 2009, Juneau, Alaska – Governor Palin today signed six bills but most importantly the FY2010 Operating Budget & the FY2010 Capital Budget. “We submitted a responsible, fiscally conservative budget,” Governor Palin said. “Given the current revenue outlook and economic conditions, we must focus on providing essential public services, while continuing to invest in communities and resource development that will fuel our economy in the future.

The operating budget bill totals $8.7 billion (down from $11.1 billion) and includes funding for public education, the university, public health and safety, transportation, and resource development. “We have taken significant steps to slow government growth and achieve savings in the current fiscal year,” Governor Palin said. “This administration takes fiscal responsibility seriously and reducing expenditures will extend the life of our savings accounts.”

The capital budget bill, SB 75, which totals $1.87 billion (down from $3.6 billion), was also signed today. “This capital budget contains a number of projects, including transportation, schools, and public safety, which will help communities across the state improve infrastructure and bolster the economy,” said Palin. “With the robust capital budgets of the past two years and this capital spending bill, Alaskans will see many improvements and additional job opportunities.” “I appreciate the legislators working with us on the budget during these challenging economic times,” Governor Palin said. “The conservative spending plan I signed today will provide basic government services, leverage additional federal and other funds, and make a significant investment in Alaska’s future.”

Governor Palin was also handed a state with run-away spending and one of her 1st mandates was to create a rainy day fund. Today that amounts to $6 billion is reserves for the State of Alaska.

For now we can only imagine having Governor Palin in Washington. The embarrassment Øbama is quickly bankrupting and weakening the USA faster then even the fool Jimmy Carter. The mess Carter created brought us Governor Reagan and the disaster “tele-prompter of the 57 United States” will bring us Governor Palin.