Thoughts Post Passage

Honestly, after thinking it over, I don’t quite feel the sense of loss I thought I would. I’m actually excited about the fact that states are attempting to assert their rights (see Malkin’s <a href=”http://michellemalkin.com/2010/03/22/attorneys-general-launch-lawsuit-backlash-against-demcare/“> article</a>: . The honest truth, as much as my partisan GOP cheerleader friends don’t want to admit it, is that we’ve been on a slippery slope headed toward socialism anyway, and would’ve gotten there fully eventually – and faster than anyone wanted to admit we would have if McCain were President. Truth be told, we’ve needed something this radical to wake us up. I’d rather this pass and engage in an epic battle over state sovereignty and constitutional limits on government than to let the Republic devolve slowly into a totalitarian cesspool – which is the path we were headed down with a GOP that consistently voted to expand entitlements and engage in deficit spending.

At least now we’re engaged in a serious and active battle over what the true role of government is. Furthermore, it looks like the GOP won’t be able to get away with NOT fighting to repeal this. Even Bailout Boehner had < a href=”http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pOdvn2dtM0A”>more balls on the House floor tonight than I ever expected</a>; and with an engaged electorate to hold his feet to the fire, maybe we can actually fight for a repeal. I won’t hold my breath – but hell, this kind of resistance is more promising than watching the creeping socialism that’s been permeating our nation as a result of lackluster opposition to slow but steady increases in government.

Has this radicalism truly awakened a sleeping giant? Can we reverse the trend?