Footage From the Code Red Rally in Washington DC

Hey Red Staters!

A quick hello here from Corie Whalen. Some of you may know me if you followed the American Liberty Tour via Caleb Howe’s fantastic coverage chock full of his signature wit both here at Red State and at the American Liberty Tour site via his expertly crafted flip cam updates and blogs while we were out on the road. I was the nerd who drew from the wisdom of our Founding Fathers and their actions in situations they faced during the Revolution and compared those scenarios with contemporary political situations. If you’re as nerdy as I am and want to check it out, the speech I gave in Tallahassee is still on the bottom right hand side of the Tour’s homepage – my fellow history dorks will surely appreciate the message. 😉 Anyway, I’m writing today because I wanted to share with everyone some footage I shot of the “Code Red Rally” featuring Laura Ingraham, Michele Bachman, and Jim DeMint, just to name a few, which took place in DC right behind the Capitol Building this past Tuesday. I traveled down from Boston with some great patriots from Massachusetts, including Bill Hudak, the Congressional candidate I started working for after the tour, who is running against a “progressive” (AKA: socialist) Democrat, John Tierney – a Nancy Pelosi clone who votes with her over 97% of the time.

We had a great time, and the rally was an incredible experience because of the fantastic speakers, passion of the crowd, and enthusiastic responses we got from everyone who was excited to learn about Bill’s candidacy. A conservative from MASSACHUSETTS?! NEVER! (I know – we’re a rare breed). 

Of course, Massachusetts has a well deserved reputation for liberal lunacy. Between Ted Kennedy, and the fact that our last three Speakers of the House (all Democrats) have been indicted among many other things, people were thirsting to hear more about Bill, and were exceptionally happy to learn that the National Republican Congressional Committee has Bill on their radar and have stated that he is the only truly viable new Republican Congressional candidate in New England in the field this year (so far, at least). This is great news for us few and proud New England conservatives, as the rest of the country, and the Republican Party at large, tend to write us off as irrelevant (though understandably so).

So without further adieu, check the footage out! And if you’re looking for an awesome candidate to get behind this election cycle, I really do encourage you to get to know Bill. I know it’s hard to imagine a truly principled conservative, Tea Party type of candidate actually being elected by Massachusetts voters, but our polling is telling us that he has a serious chance at beating Tierney! In fact, the last Republican Congressman from Massachusetts, Peter Torkildsen, was from the 6th district, so that’s, at the very least, a positive sign!

Enjoy the footage – especially the Jim DeMint clip! I was admittedly a bit star struck (and obviously tweeted about it frantically) when I saw him and got super excited when he gave his speech. I’ve gotta admit – I have a huge political crush on everyone’s favorite Republican obstructionist! 😉

— Corie