Battle one goes to conservatives over GOP Bigwigs

Saturday, October 31, 2009

The ever escalating battle between the GOP hierarchy and the conservative movement energized by Barry’s abundant spending spree can chalk up battle one to The tea party/town hall attendees. aka, "new conservative movement." The hand picked Republican candidate Dede Scozzafava has dropped out of the NY 23rd, congressional race in the midst of dropping poll numbers and ever mounting big time endorsements for her conservative opponent, Doug Hoffman. Recent polls showed Scozzafava running third behind a close first and second between Hoffman and the democrat Bill Owens.

This blows up the theory, espoused by Newt Gingrich, Michael Steele, and others that endorsing a third party candidate, would split the conservative vote and elect the democrat. Could it be that Newt is underestimating the strength of this new conservative movement. Scozzafava is anything but a conservative. She’s, pro choice, pro gay marriage, supported the stimulus, and has been in favor of tax increases to name some of her bonifide liberal credentials. Hopefully this will send a message to GOP top dogs that conservatives aren’t going to support liberal Republicans just because they aren’t democrats.

It may also send a message to beltway republican pundits that have been for one year decrying the right wing, and advocating a center shift for the republican party. They have excoriated Rush Limbaugh and Sarah Palin to name a few, proclaiming they must be marginalized for republicans to win, even though the tipping point in the NY 23rd race was Palin’s endorsement of Hoffman. It’s clear that conservatives, like Palin and Limbaugh to name a few, have decided they’re conservatives first, and republicans second. With Rush’s ratings exploding, and Sarah Palin’s advanced book sales tracking galactic, maybe they should shut up and listen to some of what they have to say. They have missed what the tea party/town halls were all about.

They only need to take a look at how democrats and the mainstream media have tried to demonize both Limbaugh and Palin with false accusations. Why. Because they want to marginalize them because they know their message resonates with a majority of Americans. Maybe the republican party should accept the old adage, " my enemies enemy is my friend," and listen to what they’re saying that has got the dems and mainstream media’s blood pressure erupting.

Or maybe they should read recent polls that show 40% of Americans identify themselves as conservative, 37% moderate, and only 20% liberal. It’s not rocket science. The country, thanks to the Obama administration is not just moving, it’s accelerating right at whiplash speed, and if the GOP doesn’t stop this moderating trend they will be left out in the cold. With 2010 approaching, and conservatives set to challenge liberal leaning republicans in primaries all across the country, I have one message for the GOP hierarchy. "WATCH YOUR BACKSIDE."