The Jihad Against Fox News.

Well, the inevitable has happened. We know why Obama has hesitated on sending extra troops to Afghanistan. He believes his real enemies are here in the homeland. The Taliban doesn’t pose as real a threat to his administration, as Fox News does. Notice I said administration, not America. Does this president really care about America? I hesitate to say that about any US president but it’s becoming increasingly clear that his main concern is his agenda. America and the constitution, go to the end of the line.

The chilling Jihad against Fox News should move all Americans to action. A full court censorship play is being enacted on the conservative news organization in broad daylight. David Axelrod said on This Week, referring to Fox, ‘It’s not really news, it’s pushing a point of view and the bigger thing is other news organizations like yours, ought not to treat them that way.” A veiled threat? perhaps. In other words, we don’t consider them legitimate, therefore you better not pick up and run with any stories that originate from Fox. Why? Because in the “new America” the only News organization that’s challenging this administration is Fox. Look at the Acorn and Van Jones scandals. The mainstream media were found prostrate in messiah worship, and were only forced to cover them when they became unavoidable..

This White house is aware that more will be coming out, because they know Fox is doing the work as democracies watchdog, and this is a preemptive shot across the bow, so the administration’s lap dogs, “the Main stream media,” don’t go with the Fox stories. Rahm Emanuel was on CNN Sunday spouting the same narrative. It’s an obvious coordinated effort to marginalize the only network challenging the power structure in Washington.

It’s revealing to me that Stephanopoulus didn’t even challenge Axelrod about his assessment of Fox. Shouldn’t they be a little embarrassed that the White House is only upset with one network? And, that they are admitting Fox is the only one asking the tough questions? Shouldn’t they be outraged that the administration is telling them how to treat a competitor. Are they so blinded by the radiant glow around Obama’s brow, they’re afraid to challenge? Could the White House’s strategy already be working? Are those White House cocktail parties so alluring? The chance to touch the hem of his garment and maybe feel his power. They don’t want to risk losing access to the closest thing to heaven they may ever know. It looks to me like the Chicago thug machine has already neutered the Main stream media.

The only hope we have of the Main stream media pulling itself out of this Obama worship paralysis, is free market capitalism. How Ironic is that? When they continue to see Fox’s ratings soar like balloon boys transport, that grabbed everyone’s attention, maybe they’ll realize they actually have to work for a living. Ad revenues are through the roof for Fox, while others are struggling. Maybe that will awaken them, or maybe they’ll just continue to tow the messiah’s line, and hope he grants them redemption, or should I say a bailout…..See: “The Independent Press Is On Life Support” down this page…