Sarah Palin Takes A shot Across The Bow Of The U.S.S. GOP

Sarah Palin last week endorsed Doug Hoffman for representative of New York’s 23rd congressional district, and snubbed The GOP’s selection of liberal Republican Dede Scozzafava on her face book posting. Hoffman is running as a conservative. This all comes with the backdrop that 73% think Republicans in congress have lost touch with GOP voters throughout the nation, according to a Rasmussen reports poll.

Is this a shot across the bow of the good ship U.S.S. GOP? Is Sarah trying to steer the GOP back to it’s conservative roots. Is she threatening to take her star power and SarahPAC money to third party and maybe conservative democrats running for congress in 2010? She announced she would donate, from her SarahPAC as much allowed by law to Doug Hoffman’s campaign. Is it time for the GOP’s heavy hitters to reconsider their endorsements of squishy democrat lite Republicans, whom they say are the only ones who can win in certain districts?

It’s becoming increasingly clear, that voters all across the country are disenchanted with the two major parties positioning themselves in what they think are strategic rather than principled ideals. The main stream media missed the whole message given by tea party, and town hall attendees all across the country this year. And that message was, “a pox on both your houses.” It was not a Republican movement as they would like you to believe. It was a reduce spending, taxes, and give us back our freedom movement. Republican spending went through the roof over the last 8 years and the budget deficit for 2008 was second only to that of 2009. It’s true president Bush reduced taxes, but he also increased spending at an alarming rate, angering many Conservatives in his own party.

So what is Sarah Palin up to. Maybe she’s that post partisan politician that Barack Obama said he would be, but we all know turned out not to be. Maybe her Republican loyalty is second to her conservative values. Maybe it’s time for the GOP bigwigs to listen to the grassroots tea party / town hallers, and return to the Ronald Reagan type conservatism, that doesn’t blur the line between the two parties. Could it be they have misread the reason for the their last two devastating defeats to mean they have to move more to the center? Maybe their out of control spending, and expansion of government was the real reason. Need I remind you Barack Obama positioned himself as a tax cutter for the majority of America, and a fiscal conservative, which we all came to realize was a cruel hoax.

If the Republican party continues down this path, they will watch as a major sea change slips through their ideologically vacant fingers. With most of the country fed up with government largess, and a plurality identifying themselves as conservatives, the beltway GOP continue to push a center tack, even though the number that identify themselves as Republican continues to bleed. It’s clear Sarah Palin and a few other Republicans see and understand the mood of the country. The Republican hierarchy and most GOP members of congress do not.

The democrat party’s over reaching, deficit spending and overall power grab, has given every reason for a massive power shift in 2010. But does the Republican party really know how to position themselves without bungling the opportunity. Maybe they should take a tip from the fly over country conservatives. The bitter clingers. The unsophisticated anti elitist army of American lovers. Maybe they should listen to Sarah Palin!