Thank You Joe Lieberman

In spite of the beating he knew he was going to take from Democrats, Joe Lieberman gave a speech last night in support of his friend John McCain. The speech transcended party politics, rightly putting forth that we should all be more concerned with putting the best person for the job in the White house and less concerned with party politics. We are, after all, Americans first. Or at least we should be.

Joe Lieberman faces almost certain retribution from the democratic party as a result of his actions. Already on the fringes for his decidedly non-party line stance on several matters, his standing in the party has gone from bad to worse. Some are already musing about the possible paybacks he will be subject to (http://news.yahoo.com/s/apcampaignplus/20080903/apca/payback_time).

I have many differences with Lieberman on this issues, but one thing is certain. Last night, we saw a patriot supporting a patriot, not for “party unity” but for the greater good of our country. And, like so many other patriots in our history, he so knowing full well that he would not survive the fray unsctathed.

Thank you, Joe Lieberman. You are a man of character and courage.