Waiting for a Leader to Emerge

Deep into a second term, Barack Obama is determined to double down on his failed agenda. Virtually everything he says is designed to mislead, undercut, and harm the fabric of our nation. The public is slowly coming to realize the reality behind his rhetoric, and is not liking what they see. They are tired of being lied to, and they want the truth. A turn in public mood is at hand. They are awaiting a leader to emerge in whom they can believe.

Obama has dramatically increased government handouts as the national debt has exploded. He heads an Administration that has produced 50 million people on food stamps, an Administration that pries into people’s private lives, and an Administration that sets government agencies against political opponents. For a president that promised to reduce the national debt, Obama has added more than eight trillion dollars to it. Under his presidency, America has accumulated as much new debt as it did in its first 227 years.

With his encouragement, almost half of the population has been dumbed-down to the point they do not care about high taxes, economic growth, or creating jobs. Nor do they care that the money for their free stuff is being borrowed from their children, and from abroad. For these people, the virtues of
liberty, hard work, free enterprise, and private initiative, no longer motivate their lives.

Race relations have always been the Achilles’ heel of American politics. Obama had a chance to be a great healer in this area, but instead has exploited that weakness so that every charge against him and his policies is reduced to a charge of racism. As a result, he has had his way in Washington with little opposition, and the country has suffered for it.

American political history is like a swinging pendulum with each swing, to the right or to the left, lasting about 25 years or so in duration. The rightward swing of the 1980s reached its apex with the fall of the Berlin Wall and the Soviet Union. From there, it reversed and slowly started to swing in the leftward direction.

Bill Clinton and the 1990s saw a stalemate with a Republican Congress, but the culture was shifting left with each passing year. George W. Bush’s years as president were marked by rising animosity on the left. So, Obama was elected and reelected, and the fantasy of his transformational presidency has played itself out, and is now coming up against reality. As the American people are painfully discovering, nothing Obama proposes works. The pendulum is beginning to swing right again, and Obama is throwing everything he has into it to forever lock it leftward.

The border crisis that he manufactured has thousands of illegals coming to a shelter near you. Overall, Obama offers not a solution, but a balkanized America filled with strife and animosity. Obama seeks to build an electoral majority of ignorant, ill-informed people who are easily swayed by handouts and propaganda. He is betting that an ever-larger number of people will depend on an ever-larger government — a fundamental transformation of America.

He has put the nation on edge. If it comes to light that Obama does not follow the rule of law in the immigration crisis, there will likely be an open rebellion by ordinary citizens. Moreover, if there is a serious Ebola outbreak in America where hundreds were dying, the one thing that citizens will demand of government is the truth.

Through all the damage he has inflicted on us, there are still a large number of hard-working patriotic people who want to make their way in this world free of government dependence. We spoke loudly in 2010 and 2014. We are still out here, more frustrated than ever, and now is our time.

We look at Obama and see his failed policies, his incompetence, his lies and deceptions — and we are disgusted by it. We know conservatism is the solution. We just need someone to articulate it, and to be our leader. We are looking for someone we can believe in.

We hope for someone who will speak about conservatism without apologies; someone who will not make excuses about believing in God and country; someone of high moral fiber who will take the fight to the left and turn this mess around; someone who will fight for what is right and true. That person is already out there, probably having served as a governor or a senator, and is now thinking about a run for the presidency.

For that person, our message for you is to have courage. You need to step forward, show us your plan, show us some vision of our historic greatness, and be our voice. We will mobilize behind you. We will work tirelessly for you. And we will carry you on to the White House. Together, we will restore this great nation. We are just watching and waiting for you to come forward.


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